Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Does Tim Kennedy Fit in With the Rangers?

By Eric Bancker

Yesterday the Rangers came to terms with forward Tim Kennedy, the deal is for one-year/$550,000. This contract is also a one-way contract which means Kennedy is guaranteed a roster spot.

This signing is pretty much unnecessary for the Rangers. They have plenty of young talent that should be fighting for rosters spots in camp. Now Kennedy will be brought in and will be taking a spot away from a young Rangers forward looking to prove themselves. Now Kennedy is young (24) but the Rangers didn't need to add him to the roster.

There are only two reasons I could see for him being signed and one is if the Rangers were planning to make a move with their current roster. A trade could be possible but it doesn't seem like it will be something big that will really shake this team up.

The only other thing I can come up with is that fact that Kennedy was brought in to add competition during camp, and with a bunch of young players looking to prove themselves you want heavy competition.

Kennedy is a good bottom-six forward who can give you strong shifts on the penalty kill as well as contribute a little bit on the offensive side. He plays big for his small stature (5'10, 173lbs), he also possesses a quick release and has good speed.

The Rangers didn't have to really splurge to get Kennedy but this signing did put them over the salary cap. This signing also makes me feel as though Wade Redden will be waived, I wrote an article on that as well if you haven't seen it check it out. The Rangers now also have 15 forwards under contract for this season and as you know you only need 12. Now there will be healthy scratches and things like that but things don't seem right in Rangers camp.

Why sign Kennedy when you have young talent waiting to get a roster spot? Why was signing Kennedy more important than re-signing Marc Staal? The Rangers have added a ton of depth this off-season, which is great for the team but this signing really doesn't make much sense and it leaves me to believe that Sather has at least one move left before its all said and done.

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  1. I think there's several way's this might play-out. A long shot on the first one here. The Rangers could use another center. Bring Kennedy into the mix with everyone else and let's see what happens. He also could be included in a bundle package for trading if he doesn't work out. Or send him to Hartford and bring him up when needed.
    Sather always has something up his sleeve. Hard to see the rational in the move's a mad man make's.

    *** one side note...not sure if the deal with Staal is done yet ?